10 Best Tips for a Welcoming Apartment Lobby

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Secure Entry door!

When residents call your apartment building home, feeling safe and secure is top priority to keeping your tenants happy! Providing a secure and well-maintained entry door is key to providing them peace of mind. Smart locks and security cameras are always a great upgrade and can increase the value of your property.


Durable tile and a welcome mat.

Protecting your investment property with thoughtful selections like durable tile in the lobby will stand the test of time. It is a high traffic area with unpredictable outside conditions, so your flooring needs to weather any storm. Durable tile is easy to clean and allows for the addition of a welcome mat to provide additional protection to keep the entry dry for residents. A medium toned selection will be the most forgiving for showing dirt.


Neatly labeled mailboxes.

In consideration of the mailman and the residents, it is important to make sure the mailboxes are secure and clearly labeled.


Add Curated furniture pieces.

Carefully selected furniture pieces can cozy up the lobby space. Every lobby is unique especially in vintage buildings so considering the scale and style of the architecture is crucial to creating a cozy and welcoming environment. From console tables to seating, make sure the pieces you select compliment each other and don’t overcrowd the traffic path.


Uplifiting Artwork.

The lobby is an opportunity to lift the spirits of your tenants. When selecting artwork, choose a color theme and find a signature piece to build from. Each building is unique and should feel thoughtful. You can also consider the town you are in… are there interesting landmarks you can photograph and frame to bring the outside in? Whatever theme you chose, be consistent throughout all of the common areas to maintain the desired experience.


Add Mirrors.

A mirror can be magic because it is reflective of the designed space. If you find that you are struggling to find the right finishing piece, a mirror could be the perfect fit. Considering the door swing, strategically placing a small mirror on the way out will be appreciated by your tenants to get a last glance before heading out for the day.


Optimal Lighting.

Your lobby should have ample lighting for safety and guidance both during the day and at night. Make sure to check bulbs often and replace them when necessary. Consider adding a lamp, sconce, or overhead light to create the optimal environment. Selecting consistent or complementary fixtures throughout the common areas will create a cohesive experience.


Neutral base and pops of color.

Creating a cheerful space is achieved through thoughtfully planned color pallets. Selecting neutral base colors for flooring and furniture pieces allows you flexibility to add pops of color with artwork and décor. Make sure to style the space with balance and use of space in mind.


Welcoming walls.

The walls are the base of your artwork and hug the space so make sure to select a cozy neutral tone that will showcase the artwork and décor but also lend itself to being flexible if you decide to swap artwork or change the flooring. Whether you paint, apply wainscoting or select commercial grade wallpaper, plan for an application that feels timeless and adaptable.



The most important service you can provide for your residents is a clean lobby! If you can only tackle one thing on the list, this is it! Entering a clean space always feels good. Your tenants know you care and appreciate your efforts especially when they are welcoming guests into their home. Your tenants will feel proud to live in your apartment building and always remember that Happy Tenants Stay Longer!