10 Essential Outdoor Vibes

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UPDATE… UPKEEP… and UP your outdoor vibes this summer!

Fresh, clean air has never been more appreciated than this past year! With people spending more time outdoors, we have seen our own outdoor game and that of our neighbors kick into high gear. From landscaping to making every inch of our precious outdoor space useful, this summer is the time to start sharing our hard work with others. As the country gets vaccinated, people are opening their homes and backyards to welcome friends and neighbors over again. Take a deep breath and let’s get this summer party started with these 10 tips to take your outdoor vibes to the next level.



Your front door speaks to your welcoming vibe when people first approach your house. Make sure to touch up paint and stain for the season and wash any sidelights and windows. Clean mailboxes and light fixtures, making sure bulbs are the same output and all working. Sweep away leaves and debris for a home that shows your care. Front porches are popular and create space to enjoy friends who are just passing by or company that stops over for a cup of coffee or lemonade to catch up. Casual seating, small tables and rocking chairs create welcome opportunities to invite people in.



Pavers, Bluestone, concrete, black top… we see these various installations all around us. There are different uses and applications but the most important thing to remember is that whatever material you have, refreshing and repairing damaged areas makes the best impression. Safety is important and loose stones, potholes, large cracks, etc. are not only eye sores but can be dangerous for your family and guests. Solid, well kept spaces create flexibility for entertaining and puts your guests at ease to enjoy themselves.



Fresh cut, green grass exudes healthy land and provides soft places to have a picnic or play catch. Make sure to keep a regular schedule to maintain your landscaping. Some people are talented gardeners who add another layer to this healthy vibe. Planting flowers in urns or to accent your landscaping also brings color and joy to your outdoor spaces. Be thoughtful about where you put these healthy additions keeping in mind the bugs and bees they may attract and where your seating is located.



Fire pits and fireplaces are natural features that provide warmth and the perfect ambiance. S’mores are a summertime favorite so make sure you always have the ingredients on hand for surprise visitors. It’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby for any wild sparks that might fly. If you don’t have a fire pit or a fireplace, a heat lamp is a popular option to let you enjoy your outdoor space in cooler weather. Candles and lanterns are an easy and cost effective option to create the same warm vibe.



Trampolines are all the rage these days but any outdoor space can provide fun! Playsets, putting greens, portable nets, cornhole, zip lines, sand boxes or even just a dining table can be the perfect place to participate in fun activities. Make sure to maintain the safety and cleanliness of any equipment to provide carefree participation in these activities.



One of the most cherished and important things we do when gathering with others is to share a meal and socialize. Prepping as much as you can before guests arrive allows you to enjoy your get together even more. Set up a bar where guests can serve and refill their drinks. Plan for a buffet for convenient serving and use disposable dishes for easy clean up. Make sure the grill and table are sanitized. Outdoor kitchens with built-in grills, pizza ovens, refrigerators and bars are all super cool additions if you have the budget and the space but you can create an unforgettable outdoor gathering, no matter the bells and whistles.



An upbeat playlist is key to creating a fun atmosphere. Discreet faux rock speakers are a great choice to surround your space with background music. Technology is always evolving, and televisions and projectors are becoming more popular as people gather outdoors to watch a sporting event or host a movie night with friends.



Outdoor furniture is crucial to providing comfort for your guests. With the many options to buy, consider the upkeep and storage needs before investing in this bigger ticket item. It is important to map out the best use of the spaces you have so you can buy furniture that achieves the optimal entertainment flexibility.



Party lights are never a bad idea and whether you have a pergola to string them on or just string them to a pole, this feature is inviting and mood setting. Adding a cozy blanket over a chair or in a basket will be appreciated on cool evenings. Outdoor rugs, planters, and cushions also help to create a cozy finished vibe.



Taking time to care for your home creates a sense of accomplishment and excitement which sparks positive energy. Greeting your guests with a genuine smile will certainly set the perfect tone for enjoyable gatherings every time!

Living in the Midwest, the precious warmth of the summer season is treasured and appreciated by all who have just endured the bitter cold winter. May you make the most of the special outdoor space you have and enjoy every minute of this beautiful season!

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