10 Ways to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Summer

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The dog days of summer are here. Is your rental property ready for this long, hot stretch of weather? Nothing is more fun than the summertime, but with the heat, also comes some potential issues for rental property owners. Effective and efficient property management is the key to staying on top of these challenges and ensuring that your real estate investment is ready during this time of year. Below are 10 property management tips from 10 West Real Estate Group to be sure your rental is ready for summer fun!


Service Your Air Conditioning.

Nothing may be more important to your tenants than keeping the air conditioning running smoothly. Be sure to enlist the help of qualified HVAC professionals to ensure your AC is operating efficiently, coils are clean, dampers are adjusted, and no debris is disrupting operation.


Alter the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans.

That’s right, in the summertime you want to be sure the fan blades are rotating counterclockwise. This pushes air down and creates a nice summer breeze for your tenants. Bonus, it also helps keep cooling costs down.



Those hot summer days can burn out your landscaping quickly. Inspect all outdoor plumbing, hoses, sprinklers, and irrigation systems to be sure everything is functioning properly. Make sure your sprinkling or irrigation system is programmed to follow any local water regulations or restrictions that may be in place.



Summer is the time to be outside and now, more than ever, people are looking to gather outdoors to have some much-needed social time and fun. Be sure your lawn is mowed, your bushes are trimmed and your community spaces are looking good. Good landscaping adds curbside appeal to your property that can be inviting to existing and potential renters.


Be Ready for Bugs.

Everybody like to be social in the summer, even the bugs. It’s true, with the warm weather comes bees, mosquitos, and other insects. Be sure your screens are intact, and you’ve got a good seal around your windows and doors. It’s also a good idea to use a reputable pest control company on a routine basis to prevent an infestation before it occurs.


Attend to your Pool Area.

A pool is a fantastic amenity for your tenants in the summertime. If your property has a pool, make sure the pool is clean and in optimal condition for some fun in the sun. Additionally, be sure you have the proper safety signs posted and visible to all guests and that gates and locks around the pool are in good working order.


Inspect Property Exterior and Perform Any Needed Maintenance.

Take advantage of the good weather and spend some time inspecting the exterior of the building and performing any needed exterior maintenance. Check the roof for loose or missing shingles or any sign of water intrusion. Inspect seals on windows and doors. Scan the foundation for any cracks or leaks. Check tuckpointing and siding for signs of excessive wear. It’s always easier (and more cost effective) to diagnose and address these exterior issues in the warm weather months.


Repair Driveway and Sidewalk Cracks.

Winter can be tough on concrete driveways and sidewalks. Inspect these areas for cracking and repair where necessary.


Check In with your Tenants.

Summertime is busy, but it is also a great time to connect with tenants and remind them you are here to answer any questions they may have regarding the property. It is also typically a time when many leases are up for renewal, so don’t forget to check in with your residents and get them signed up for another year!


Consider Hiring a Professional Property Management Company.

If you have rental properties, you understand how important effective and efficient property management is in maximizing the potential of your investment. A good property management company will ensure that your property is in optimal condition, running cost effectively and is attractive to current and future tenants. Additionally, by freeing you up from the time-consuming tasks related to tenant and property management, you’ll have time to focus on expanding your real estate portfolio.

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